1. 1954 (2nd Ed.1968, 3rd Ed. 2004) Chalakudy, Published by Self,pp.179


A verse-by-verse Malayalam translation of Bhagavadgita

"…. relying on the Sankara-bhashya of Gita, the author has taken great care to maintain fidelity to the original; the translation work has been performed as a yajna in itself"

P Seshadri, (Retd. Superintendent, Dept of Publications, University of Travancore), in his Introduction to the First Edition of the Book

2. 1957 (2nd Ed.2000) Calicut, Sarvodaya Sangham (2nd Ed. 2000, Alter Media, Trichur & Grasshopper, Ernakulam pp.196


A comprehensive treatise on Nature Cure

"Raghavan Thirumulpad is one among the rare vaidyas who remind us that the role of a vaidya should be that of an educator or a liberator and the books he has written are more valuable than half a dozen medical colleges"

P N Das in his introduction to the second edition of the book

3. 1959 Chalakudi Published by Self, pp.207


Malayalam versification of Dharmapada (teachings of Buddha)

An in-depth study in Buddhism

Sri.Pavanan in his study on influence of Buddhism on Malayalam literature.

4. 1960 Chalakudi Published by Self, p. (2nd Ed. 1988) pp.52


Malayalam versification of Sanskrit hymn on Goddess.


5. 1961 Trichur, Murali Publications pp.208

Isavum Mahatmavum

A treatise on Gandhian philosophy and polemical reply to the Marxist criticims on Gandhism

"Renowned as a learned scholar in ayurveda, Sri Thirumulpad is also well versed in Sanskrit, literature and political philosophy. Freethinking and an investigative bent of mind are his forte. His reply to E M S Nambudiripad’s ‘Mahatma and Ism’ stands testimony to his wide knowledge and incisive thinking"

C. P. Sreedharan. Innatthe Sahityakaranmar, p 825

6. 1962 Trichur, Thunchathezhuthachan (Malayalam magazine)

Serialised in Thirukkural

Malayalam versification of famous Tamil classic Thirukkural


7. 1963, Chalakudi, Kerala Ayurveda Mandalam pp.48 (2nd Ed. 2005) Ayurveda Medical Association of India, Ernakulam


On the techniques of special Ayurvedic treatments of Kerala


8. 1972 (2nd Ed. 2000) Published by Ambujam R Varma pp.55(2nd Ed. published by Advocate C.S.Anathalakshmi)


Sthothrakavya on Lord Rama in Sanskrit


9. 1973, Kottayam, Ayurveda mandalam pp.141/b>


Ayurvedic approach to heart diseases (co author)


10. 1976 Chalakudy,(2nd Ed.1995, Nagarjuna Research Foundation, Cochin pp.279) Published by Self. pp.128


A lucid introduction to Ayurveda

"While studying ayurveda, I had always keenly felt the lack of a good book that cogently explains its basic principles. It was then that I came across Sri Raghavan Thirumulpad’s ‘Arogya Darsanam’. I read it in one sitting and realized that it contains all the important aspects of Ayurveda. This book is the quintessence of Ayurveda. In times when research and interest in Ayurveda is gaining momentum all over the world, this book will help the keralites to renew their knowledge about their heritage"

Dr M S Valiathan (Founder Director, Sree Chitra Institute Of Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum; Adviser, Manipal Academy of Medical Education) in his introduction to the second edition.

11. 1976 Trivandrum, Publication Division, Govt.Ayurveda College p.


Commentary on Thanthrayukthivichara of Neelmeghabhishag


12. 1977 (2nd Ed. 1993) Trivandrum, Published by Self pp.335 (2nd Ed. Students Union, Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College, Trichur)


A commentary on Rasavaisheshika Suthra, a treatise on basic principles of Pharmacology in Ayurveda


13. 1980, Chalakudi, published by self pp.86


Autobiography released on 60th birthday


14. 1982, Trivandrum, Publication division, Govt. Ayurveda College

Vivrithi vyakhya

Commentary on the portions of basic principles in Ashtangahridaya


15. 1983, (2nd Ed. 1987)(3rd Ed. (1997) (Trivandrum) Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad(3rd Ed. State Institute of Languages, Trivandrum) pp.157


An outline of Ayurvedic approach to health and disease


16. 1988, Varanasi, Acharya Gurukul Prakashan pp.70

Kushtrog aur ilag

Hindi translation by Sri. S.V. Govindan of the prize winning thesis on kushta roga.


17. 1989, Kottayam, Ayurveda Chandrika pp.168

Sampoorna arogyasamrakshanam

On health & healthy life style


18. 1992, Kottakkal, Students Union, VPSV Ayurveda College pp.158


Ayurvedic philosophy on health

Raghavan Thirumulpad is a devotee of Ayurveda and a scholar who believes that the path to health is a lifestyle that is based on ayurvedic principles. In order to introduce the basic principles of the science of ayurveda to the common man, he has adopted a unique way of excavating all systems of medicine, comparing them, and presenting them in a dialogic format

Dr C K Ramachandran in his review published in Mathrubhumi Weekly.


19. 1998, Trivandrum, State Institute of Languages pp.303


A lucid exposition on the eight clinical branches of ayurveda.

Won STEC Award for in- depth study.


20. 2002, Guruvayoor, Sree Guruvayuruppan (Malayalam Monthly)


Translation in free verse of the reputed work “Narayaneeyam” is being serialised.


21. 2002, Trivandrum, State Institute of Languages pp.299


Essays on ayurveda; Won Kerala Sahithya Academy’s G.N. Pillai Endowment Award for Scientific Literature-2005


22. 2002, Trissur, Nisaganghi publications pp.159

Ayurvedam jeevithathilude

Essays on ayurveda in relation to day-to-daylife


23. 2003, Cochin, Svadeshi Science Movement.


A comparative study on ayurveda with other branches of knowledge.


24. 2003, Trissur, Aushadham publications

Nammude Arogyam

Book on healthy life style.


25. 2003, Chalakudy, Gayathri Ashram

Ente Gurudarsanam

On the philosophy of Narayanaguru


26. 2007, Thruvananthapuram, Chintha Publishers


Articles on Ayurvedag


27. 2007, Kottayam, DC Books

Ayurvedam oru avalokanam

Articles of public interest on Ayurveda.


28. 2010, Publication Division, Aryavaidyasala Kottakkal


English Translation with commentary


29. 2010, Kottayam, DC Books


Malayalam translation and commentary of first chapter of Charakasamhitha


30. 2010, Nagarjuna Research Foundation, Kalady


Malayalam book on principles of treatment with clinical experiences


31. 2010, Foundation for Revitalisation Local Health Traditions

Glimpses of Wisdom

Selected Essays on Ayurveda in English


Ashtangasamgraha, the monumental work of Acharya Vagbhata is translated into Malayalam with a commentary named PRAKASIKA by Thirumulpad. The series is of twelve volumes. First editions of these were published during 1981-1987. All are published by self, from Chalakudy.

"Raghavan Thirumulpad is an eminent scholar in Vedas and Vedanta, and it is indeed admirable that he has taken up this arduous task of translating Ashtanga samgraha into Malayalam with a detailed commentary. His uniqueness lies in his having a scientific attitude and his ability to absorb modern concepts. All these qualities are evident in the interpretation of the text also"

Dr C K Ramachandran (Prof. of Medicine, Medical College, Calicut) Reputed physician and author, in his review in Matrubhumi Weekly.


32.1981(2nd Ed. 1996) pp.200


basic principles of ayurveda.


33. 1981 (2nd Ed. 1989, 3rd 1996) pp.252


Healthy lifestyle as advised by ayurveda.


34. 1982 (2nd Ed.1982, 3rd Ed. 1997) pp.192


Ayurvedic pharmacology


35. 1982 (2nd Ed.)


ayurvedic anatomy and physiology


36. 1983 (2nd Ed.1998) pp.306


Surgical considerations in ayurveda.


37. 1982 ( 2nd Ed. 1996) pp.357


panchakarma therapy


38. 1984 (2nd Ed. 1997) pp.290


ayurvedic concepts on aetiology and pathology


39. 1984(2nd Ed. 1997) pp.186

Balagrahachikitsa and grahachikitsa

Pediatrics and psychiatry in ayurveda


40. 1985(2nd Ed. 1998) pp.242

Chikitsitam 1

Management of diseases


41. 1985(2nd Ed. 1998) pp.217

Chikitsitam 2

Management of diseases


42. 1987 (2nd Ed. 1999) pp. 326

Visha Rasayana and Vajeekarana

Antitoxic, rejuvinative and aphrodisiac treatments in ayurveda


43. 1987 (2nd Ed. 2000) pp. 232


Management of ENT and eye diseases in ayurveda

MINOR WORKS (list incomplete)

1. Gurugeetha

Malayalam translation of the part of Sivapurana highlighting the importance of Guru.


2. Athmabodham

Malayalam translation of the famous philosophical work of Sankaracharya.


3. Kopisamdesa

A sandesha kavya in Sanskrit addressed to a disciple.


4. Putryupadesa

Message in Sanskrit verse addressed to daughter.


5. Putropadesa

Message in Malayalam verse addressed to son.


6. Ayurvedakautukam

An introduction to ayurv.


7. Samsayangalum samadhanagalum

Responses to common doubts on ayurveda.


8. Hariye theduka

Malayalam versification of the famous work Bhajagovindam of Sree Sankaracharya.


9. Ayyappasthuthi

A sthothra in Malayalam praising Lord Ayyappa.


10. Nayinarpathikam

Malayalam translation of a Tamil work of Sri Narayanagura.


1. 1998, Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala Ollur,Trissur pp.203


Commemorative volume on Ashtavaidyan Padmasri. E.T. Neelakanthan Mooss


2. 1981, Bharath Books, Kottayam pp.1600


An encyclopedic work on systems of medicine.


3. 1977, Vivekodayam books,Irinjalakuda pp.865

Ashtangahridayam bhasha

Verse by verse translation in Malayalam of famous Ashtangahridayam by Sri. P.M.Govindan Vaidyan (Tippani by the Editor)


4. 1989, S.N.A. Oushadhasala, Trissur pp.45


Small treatise on rasastra by Pazhanellippurahtu Unni mooss (With a life sketch of the author by the edition)


Other works include Introductions, Reviews, Essays, Scientific papers, Mangalaslokas, Stotras etc. written for the past sixty years .The earlier ones are uncollected and not documented.